Distinguish between power and authority




Power and Authority: Definition, Nature and Theory


Non Alignment has been the basic principle of India’s foreign policy after independence. discuss its relevance in the contemporary context.


Structure of answer

  1. Alignment  / Understand what is asked —->  basic principle of India’s foreign policy after independence —> Explain How??
  2. Relevance FOR INDIA in contemporary context—-> First talk about why it has become irrelevant  and then relevant aspect
  3. Roadmap/ Suggestion how India can ultilise NAM in its foreign policy.

Improvised Answer –


Discuss the theory of nuclear deterrence.Did nuclear deterrenece prevent superpower war. 2015

nuclear deterrence


  1. Start with deterrence and then nuclear deterrence , how they are different
  2. keywords like balance of terror , security dilemma, MAD etc
  3. Did it prevent , if yes —> how . There should be flow from the previous lines in justifying yes or no

Better presentation :